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      Akmal A.
      Malaysia Malaysia
      Balance is key.

      I'm a fan of Dave Moss, watched a lot of his videos, and that is saying a lot. You see, I have a set of fairly basic aftermarket suspension setup. It doesn't come with a compression setting - merely street spec. That is very reason why I thought it was not worth the money for it to be tuned by a Pro. I thought the DIY suspension work were good enough. I thought wrong. It is funny that after the tune, I find the suspension became... softer. I intend to use my bike for the track. Most would think a stiff suspension = track ready. Not true. I'll be honest that I had my doubts as well. Joe fixed the geometry of the bike, the static sag, the preload and the rebound setting. Granted, a street spec suspension left Joe with limited parameters to work with. The first real advantage was felt on my way home as I had to ride through a torrential rain. I was on SC2 so rain is not something I look forward to. Typically I would just stop. However, for some reason, I can still feel the traction on both tires. Even without TC or ABS. So I carried on and beginning to believe. Come the much anticipated trackday, I was finally able to really test the setting. Mind you, this is after 5 months of no track session. It was amazing. Easier controls, more lean angels, better trail braking feel and significant improvement in high speed corners. The bike responded amazingly on the switchback at T5 and T6, and I finally managed to do quite well at T14. It still wobbles a bit at T1-T2 but I guess you cant have everything with the current setup. Balance is key. I'm very thankful for the work that has been done by Joe and his team and would recommend anyone to try it out, even if you don't have the top of the line suspension setup (yet).

      Malaysia Malaysia
      suspension check and setting

      hye....saya masih baru dalam dunia permotoran....saya tak pandai sangat tentang dunia motor superbike....tentang suspensions setting yg diberikan oleh kratos dan teams yang set up motor saya....saya amat puas hati dan selesa apa yang diberikan setting oleh abg Joe and teams....tq kratos teams....

      Luqman h.
      Malaysia Malaysia
      Suspension setting

      I am very new to biking with little experience about suspension. Texted the person in charge, they open the shop just for my appointment to tune suspension setting for my MT09 on Sunday. During PKP, anything you want to do is based on appointment on the website, so social distancing is really well taken care of. Being a new rider without the suspension knowledge, it feel the person in charge is very very professional, customer oriented and knowledgeable. Everytime they check on my bike they tell me what is the function, what's wrong with it and what can be done. I learn a lot that day! And review on the bike, I can say noticeable improvement while riding. I no longer feel bike is diving too deep while braking, cornering is more stable, and most importantly, I use this road on my way back home with very high slow down bumps, and i usually can feel the handle bar vibrating aggressively even when im slowing down, but after the suspension setting, i was ready to feel the vibration but to my surprise, the vibration is really minimal! That shows that their setting is spot on. And on highways, i purposely ride on uneven patch of road, it feels smooth! And uneven road seems like a piece of cake to maneuver on. Highly recommended!

      Mohd A.
      Malaysia Malaysia
      Suspension set up & tuning

      Overall I satisfied

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