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Bike Prodigies

Have you ever come across a young biker who has the skills of an adult professional? These kids are so far off their age, they’ve become pros in such a short time. We’ve been wondering who some of these child prodigies are, and we’ve found our top three picks!



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 This little Scottish biker happens to be one of the youngest bikers in town. He'd recently gotten his first road race license. Hart started to compete at the age of seven, for the Minimotos in Scottish and UK Championships; from which he had won lots of races and secured second place in two separate UK Championships. Hart raced for the Formula 125 Championship with a 125cc Aprillia. This was the first time he had ever rode this bike but still managed get himself on the podium by winning four third places at Knockhill. Six weeks after he got his license, he finally got his first race win with five first places by the end of the season! Well, his achievements doesn’t stop here, he had been awarded the Niall Mackenzie Trophy for the best Novice Rider- which not only includes kids, but all new riders- by the Melville Motor Club at their Annual Awards on February, in Edinburg.



Two Year Old Motorcycle Racer Tima Kuleshov

Ukranian Tima Kuleshov began riding a bicycle at the tender age of two and graduated to riding a motorcycle at two and a half. The fastest Tima has gone with his motorcycle is 72km (or 45mph). He had participated in a number of children’s motorsports competitions in Russia and Ukraine, however, he is struggling to find real competition within his age group. Tima’s parents are very supportive of him and they are aware of how the sport is very dangerous, but they still preach on living life to the fullest, as bad things happen regardless if you're riding a motorbike or a bicycle. Check out Kuleshov’s skills below





Anderson, from Alaska, United States, is the youngest member of a family full of motocross riders. At the age of three, he was the youngest motocross rider.  At the age of two, he was already familiar with riding dirt bikes but with the relative safety of some training wheels. This young one has proved to us that size isn’t everything and had already won first place at Kenai Peninsula motocross race beating challengers who were at least three years older than him! Anderson’s father Andy, is an avid fan of the sport and said that he has yet to hear a motocross rider as young as his son- that can ride a motorbike without stabilisers.


I don't know about you but these kiddos got me questioning my own biking skills, I mean, look at them! I wish I had the guts to ride a motorcycle at that age! Kudos to these kids and their parents. 




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