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What You Don’t Say To A Motorcyclist…

It’s commonplace for the most of non-motorheads to run their mouths when it comes to those who swear by motorcycles. Oh well, sometimes it might just be in the name of harmless ice-breaking perhaps.

When you can’t help but to notice that seemingly striking ‘stud’ of a motorcyclist from across the hallway clutching tightly unto his helmet while beaming with sheer pride; you know that vibe one might presumably catch from the likes of Valentino Rossi after a win in the track.

Some of us have a higher level of audacity when it comes to these nuances.

  1. “My uncle experienced an awful motorcycle accident and retired from riding.” Okay. How does this translate to me as the biker again? Was he drinking and riding? Was your uncle hotdogging? Were there mitigating circumstances?


  1. “I’ve been riding for a long time now, but my other half made me retire for safety reasons because we have a family now.”
Really now? I often wonder if this is somewhat a tad of a passive-aggressive way of construing that child-borne folk should quit riding? Or merely a way of portraying to a perfect stranger that you don’t quite possess a backbone of your own? Being a mom rider myself, I’m still perplexed as to why this seems to be a concern to them when they see me riding; Oh well, they probably just hating!
  1. “Watch out for other drivers for they don’t pay heed to motorcyclists.” The typical “It’s not you, that you have to be wary of on the road, rather the other drivers.” They don’t have the eyes for motorcycles.”

As much as there’s truth in this one, I can’t even begin to imagine investing time worrying about this. Like I could ride in a Tesla or Volvo for all I care, step out and still get hit by a truck. Risks are everywhere in everything we do. Thus, as much as being a mindful driver is a good thing, being a perpetual worry-bag about it isn’t quite one.


  1. . “A few years ago, I witnessed a really gruesome motorcycle accident where I’m very sure the rider didn’t make it.”

Well, merely witnessing a crash does not mean you have all the facts in a bag. Besides, there is no reason that accident has anything to do with the rider you are speaking to in the office pantry. I don’t go around telling drivers of fatal car accidents I have come across (which really happens to top any amount of motorbike fatalities I’ve ever known or seen.


  1. “Ride safe,” said with a disturbed look. Ooh, until the moment you said that earlier I was on my way to ride in the opposite direction of traffic in the wrong lane at top speed. But now that you have told me this, I’ve inverted my thinking.

Alike all other hobbies, riding to a rider is ultimately driven by a whole lot of passion which of course not many people share and that’s okay but hating is another thing altogether. So before you decide on subtle rider-bashing, think of all the other inherent "risks" other simple activities may pose. 

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