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Touring Essentials – don’t leave home without them

It is every biker’s dream to do at least one-lifetime tour. Here’s the reality – when we do one, then there’s no stop to it. Touring or long-distance riding is exhilarating, elating and invigorating – we all want a boost of it! Unlike an impulsive and spontaneous quick and short ride; touring needs planning and preparation. What are the essentials to pack…


Tool Kit

Whether you are into extensive repairs or elementary fix-ups, a tool-kit is critical during a tour. Tightening, loosening, adjusting, adding, removing, mending – any part of your bike along the tour, needs the aid of a tool-kit. A compact, rudimental and easy to carry toolkit is all you need.



First Aid Kit

A toolkit is a remedy for your bike, as much as a first aid kit is for you. Whether you are solo-riding or riding two or group riding - aspirins, bandages, sticky tapes, antihistamine tablets, medicated creams, scissors, tweezers, etc will be of great need. A basic pack will have all that’s needed - compacted and compressed - in a convenient and soft and light weighted packing. You can pick what you what for your kit.

First-Aid-Kit (Courtesy of First Aid)


Tire Repair Kit

Yes, another ‘kit’. Touring without a tire repair kit is like going to a toilet without toilet papers. Being stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire, isn’t thrilling at all. Some bikers may lug a portable and compact air compressor, separately. However, there are tire repair kits that come with its own CO2 inflation canisters.

Gear Gremlin GG170 Tyre Repair Kit (Courtesy of


Ziplock Bags (of various sizes)

This bag serves all sorts of purpose and reason. Are you a ‘camper’ or a ‘back-packer’ on your tour? Inns and motels provide basic necessities and so you don’t have to pack too much. But, if you are a camper – clean clothes from soiled, dry toiletries from wet, a half-eaten sandwich, a fallen-off screw that needs fixing later, etc – need to be separated in ziplock bags and managed later. If you are more environmentally friendly – recycled and reusable bags are applicable.

Gripseal Bags (Courtesy of Carabay Packaging Products)


IT gadgets

As for IT savvy bikers, who are growing in number, you would need to prep and plan on your gadgets and devices. A reliable GPS navigation unit, a GPS mount, a Bluetooth helmet communicator, an emergency communicator, action camera, etc should readily be accessible for your use. If you are working off-site during your tour (which I hope you won’t be doing), you will need your work-related gadgets to follow as well.

12V Waterproof Car Motorcycle Dual USB Adapter 2 Port Flush Mount Charger Outlet


Earplugs and extra earplugs

Riding for hours with the sound of your roaring bike in your ears can be a bit annoying. Also, any biker who had used earplugs will testify that he/she has lost the earplug/s in the spur of the tour. Get those that filter out the noise of wind but allows other sounds to come through. Other than its’ use while riding; earplugs can be used while lodging in a noisy highway-motel, while serenely staring at the stars in an open-space campsite and when you want to evade a chatty biking buddy.

Pinlock Earplugs Set



You might say “I have my mobile phone with the brightest torchlight!” But, let me ask you…when you need both hands to fix your tires, who’s going to be holding your mobile for you? Hence, get a headband flashlight, that enables you to run through your fingers easily and freely while fixing a mend or break.

3W-LED Headlamp Headlight

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