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Just like the armored knights of old, you approach your metal steed, mounting it with the same familiarity and determination of past days. You grab hold of the reins, the handlebars, gripping it tightly as you right yourself and listen closely to the beast’s heavy, purring engine. Visor down, you are now prepared to set off on your journey once again, thundering through the asphalt roads accompanied by the heavy metal of Judas Priest’s Riding on the Wind blaring in your ears.

2015 Yamaha YZF R1
2015 Yamaha YZF-R1 (Image courtesy of Auto Evolution)

If the above imagery evokes a feeling of excitement at the prospect of your next ride, then it would arguably be safe to say that you are one of us; you are now a part of the revolution.

But what is it about a superbike that makes us yearn for our next ride? What is it that makes us forego the safety and conventionalities offered by simply driving a car?

Let us be clear, the love we have for our superbikes was never about catering to safety or conventionality. It was never about owning a personalized mode of transport that serves to ferry us from point A to B and back. It was always about something more, something beyond the realms of ordinary understanding that only the truest of true riders can ever comprehend.

Hence, it is imperative that we explore the “something more” that separates us as riders from the rest of the crowd to achieve an understanding of the more profound meaning behind why we are who we are.

Rider-Superbike-ShotThe Rider and his ride

Childhood Wish Fulfillment

It is said that most of what we love about superbikes stems from a childhood dream that we have longed to fulfill. It is about recapturing our youth, harkening back to the time when we were doe-eyed, and much of the world was a potent cocktail of danger and excitement in equal parts. It is about that toy that you would annoy your parents to buy you, the one you could never afford, with the child-like promises of brushing your teeth and eating your vegetables diligently. It is about the unobtainable becoming obtainable again, ultimately bringing things full circle for us once we have attained the toy.


Freedom is a funny thing, for it is a matter entirely based on circumstance. To put it plainly, what freedom is to each of us individually is dependent on where we are at a particular point in our lives. For us bikers, after some much-needed reflection, freedom is often categorized as the escape from the mundane, the energy-draining ins and outs of everyday life. It is in feeling the rush of the wind, the excitement of high speeds, as the peripheral world fades into a blur and the only thing left is a peaceful realization that only you and your bike exists in that moment.

Making a Statement

Everything we own is and will always be a statement. They serve as extensions of ourselves, the things we are most proud of that we place on display for the whole world to see. A superbike, at the very least, is a bold statement, but where it differs significantly from the ownership of other miscellaneous possessions boils down to its separation from normal life. As mentioned in the previous section on Freedom, our superbikes are our means to escape, not to assimilate. The bond between a rider and his bike is personal, sacred, and everlasting, and it should not matter if we choose not to share it with the world.

Master of Our Own Life

Speak to any motorcycle owner, and it is almost certainly guaranteed that they have encountered some form of discouragement from the people around them regarding owning and riding their bikes. While it can often seem frustrating to riders like us, it would not be fair to discredit the worries that are presented by those who genuinely care about us. However, we should instead accept their concerns alongside our own acceptance of a most crucial point: the embracing of the truth that we are the masters of our own lives. After all, part of the thrill that comes with riding a superbike is knowing that there are risks involved in our pursuit, yet we continue to make our own rules, undeterred.

Why We Are Who We Are

Being a part of the superbike revolution has nothing to do with being a “bad boy” or a rebellious individual. In its most simplistic form, it is about taking control of our own lives and steering it towards where we want it to be. It is a symbol of our momentary liberation from the chains of normalcy, and an exclamation that states we dare to be bold; we dare to be different; we dare to stare death squarely in the face and say, “We are not afraid”; we are who we are.


At Kratos Motorsports, we strive to provide you with the most safe and comfortable riding experience. Head on over to our workshop to get your suspension professionally tuned, or to accessorize your ride.


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