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THE HUMBLE BRAG: What We Can Learn From Keanu Reeves, The Motorcycle Enthusiast & Founder of Arch Motorcycle Company

Keanu Reeves

Ask anyone who is an avid fan of movies or pop culture, and the name that becomes emblematic with the two is Keanu Reeves. With notable starring roles in acclaimed films such as Speed, The Matrix, and John Wick, Reeves has enjoyed a comfortable career over the span of three decades as one of Hollywood’s most bankable action movie stars.

It is no secret: we all love Keanu. But what separates the actor from many other Hollywood celebs is the way in which he carries himself not just among the upper echelons of the movie industry, but in the way he presents himself in public spheres.

Despite his celebrity status, Reeves is, by all means, a “normal guy”. When he is not working on a new film project, the actor has been spotted on numerous, blink-and-you-will-miss-it occasions going about his daily life just like everyone else, whether it be riding on the subway or sparing some change for a homeless person.

Keanu Reeves riding the trainKeanu Reeves spotted by commuters riding on the subway
Keanu Reeves gives money to homeless man while filming in ParisKeanu Reeves spotted giving money to a homeless person

Fans of the actor would also note that aside from his vibrant film career and what Vox calls “the Keanassaince”, Reeves is also a die-hard motorcycle enthusiast.

Keanu Reeves with motorcycleKeanu Reeves, Motorcycle Enthusiast

Keanu first fell in love with motorcycles in his early 20s. According to DKoding, the actor’s interest was piqued while filming a movie in Munich, Germany. While walking about the city, he noticed a young girl riding a Kawasaki Enduro motorcycle. Being the approachable, down-to-earth man that he is, Keanu asked the girl to teach him how to ride it, and would frequently be seen riding that very bike around the film set. When filming wrapped, the actor now turned motorcycle enthusiast headed on home to Los Angeles, where he bought his first motorcycle.

Kawasaki Enduro - Keanu Reeves' first bike
The Kawasaki Enduro - Keanu's first bike

Arch Motorcycles

After many years of acquiring various motorcycles for his personal collection, Keanu met with long-time friend and custom bike-builder Gary Hollinger in 2007, pitching the latter an idea that would eventually evolve into Arch Motorcycles in 2011.

According to HotCars, the company’s goal was to develop custom “high-end motorcycles for bike enthusiasts such as [Keanu]”. With that objective in mind, the company successfully produced its first model, the ARCH KRGT-1, and would later follow up on that success with two other models: ARCH 1s and ARCH Method 143, each of which is fully customizable to suit the customer’s needs.

The ARCH KRGT-1 motorcycle

The ARCH KRGT-1 motorcycle

We knew we wanted to offer something unique, not only aesthetically, but also when it comes to the pleasure of riding. - Keanu Reeves, speaking of the ARCH KRGT-1 (DKoding)

So what can we learn from Keanu Reeves?

Superficially, Keanu Reeves could be written off as just another celebrity with the money and power to do as he pleases. That being said, a more in-depth look at the actor’s life will demonstrate that he has endured his fair share of trauma over the years, shattering any assumptions that would argue against this notion.

Despite the many hardships and, contrastingly, successes in the actor’s life, Reeves has always carried himself as a person that practices politeness, humility, and all-around decency. In short, Keanu has not forgotten his humble beginnings. Regardless of his success in both film and running a motorcycle company, the actor does not consider others to be beneath him. Instead, he frequently advises others to always care for one another and leads by example.

If you have been brutally broken but still have the courage to be gentle to other living beings, then you’re a badass with the heart of an angel.

- Keanu Reeves (Goalcast)

It is this genuine sense of care and passion as a human being that we believe all riders should emulate. It is about finding that sweet spot between success and humility, and above all, it is about becoming a motorcycle enthusiast like Keanu Reeves.

If you are indeed a die-hard motorcycle enthusiast like Keanu Reeves and are considering customizing your bike, then it is high time you ride on over to our workshop, Kratos Motorsports, or reach out to us. We are a suspension specialists and strive to ensure that all riders ride only in the best condition.

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