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    Kawasaki ZX10R installed with K-Tech RDS front fork cartridges and a DDS lite rear shock absorber

    Kawasaki ZX10R installed with K-Tech RDS front fork cartridges and a DDS lite rear shock absorber

    The Kawasaki ZX10R is a race inspired motorcycle built for the track. A 998 cc liquid-cooled, inline four, 16-valve DOHC motor is supplied fuel by large 47 mm throttle bodies and sub-throttle valves, and secondary injectors for improved top-end power. Power output has remained unchanged from the previous year at 160 horsepower at 11,650 rpm and 73.4 foot-pounds of torque at 11,030 rpm.

    The Kawasaki ZX10R with Ktech Suspension RDS front cartridges and DDS lite rear shock absorbers

    Today at Kratos Motorsports, we assemble a RDS front fork cartridge kit and a DDS lite rear shock absorber for the Kawasaki ZX10R. Together, the suspension upgrades result in a great deal of adjustability and optimization to suit the bike and rider's style. Here is a summary of the range of adjustments available with this upgrade :

    Front fork with K-Tech RDS Front Fork Cartridge Kit :

    • 24 clicks of compression adjustment
    • 30 clicks of rebound adjustment
    • 18mm preload adjustment

    ZX10R with RDS front fork cartridges installed

    DDS lite rear shock absorber :

    • 32 clicks of compression adjustment
    • 32 clicks of rebound adjustment
    • Preload adjustment
    • Length Adjustment
    • Direct Damping System (DDS) Technology

    ZX10R and the DDS Lite rear shock absorber

    The DDS lite rear shock absorber can be upgraded into the DDS pro rear shock absorber by adding the bypass valve component. This transforms the shock into a race ready version that allows precise on-the-fly suspension tweaking for various track conditions.

    Here is what our customer had to say about the suspension upgrade :

    "The bike feels really good. It gives a good planted feel to the ride and absorbs all the minor imperfections on the road. This results in a really smooth feeling when you are setting up into a turn. The bike doesn't squat much under hard acceleration and does not dive much during braking and downshifting"

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