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      News — #Continental Escape Dual-Sport

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      Top 5 Scrambler Tires

      Top 5 Scrambler Tires | Kratos Motorsports

      If you follow the motorcycle field the way we do, you know the hottest rage for motorcycle trends right now is the "scrambler." This rugged, brawny, prime vintage look is the latest obsession in the custom bike building world.

      Now scrambler tires are difficult to debate about because they can mean many things to a number of different people. Some riders get them because they want something that works as an all-in-one like daily rides, trips and etc. Others are modishly observed and like the daily riding aspect, but are more than happy to leave playing in the dirt to a proper dual-sport tire.

      Whether you’re looking to actually take your scrambler down some exciting hot trails or just wants to make or keep it looking a particular way, here are five great choices we recommend!


      1. Metzeler Karoo Street

      The Metzeler Karoo Street tires are a spanking new, fresh stripped variety of the Karoo 3 tires that come stock on the BMW R nine T Scrambler. This brand-new Karoo retains a similar tread pattern, but the knobs are not as high and are spaced more closely which means less confidence-zapping flex being translated to the rider.


      2. Continental Twinduro TKC80 Dual-Sport

      TKC80 dual-sport tires by Continental are truly the best when it comes to dirt performance. They provide a huge mass of grip for big bikes in almost any sort of off-road conditions. And they actually work pretty good on the lane. If you’re really trying to give your bike the "zombie slayer" look or plan on doing some proper off-roading, these are the tires to go for.


      3. Pirelli MT90AT Enduro/Dual-Sport

      The Pirelli MT90 is a well approved tire among adventure motorcycle riders as it is pretty silent and stable on paved surfaces and at higher speed. It has a similar yet more truculent design than the popular Pirelli MT60. The MT90s are ideal for anyone looking for a brawny version of the MT60 or who wants something for the road while still allocating grip on trails. Pirelli’s distinctive tread pattern is likely better for riders with bikes trying to give off major Mad Max vibe.


      4. Metzeler Tourance

      The Metzeler Tourance tires are impressing with their capability to preserve a bike’s classic looks while still providing decent performance. They make for an exceptionally nice ride for daily use and also provide some of the best on-road performance while also having one of the most classic “scrambler” looks.


      5. Continental Escape Dual-Sport

      The Escape dual-sport tires are Continental’s answer to the Metzeler Tourance or Pirelli MT60 tires. Continental declares they’re designed for 70 percent on-road and 30 percent off-road use while they look like a more antagonistic dirt tire. Given Continental’s success with the TKC80, many riders are keen to see how these less aggressive tires performed on the trails and in the streets.