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    Biker Waving Etiquette for Newbie Bikers

    Biker Waving Etiquette for Newbie Bikers

    If you’re new at riding motorcycles, then chances are you probably never knew a “biker waving etiquette” ever existed.

    This is because you probably haven’t had your first encounter with ‘the wave’ yet

    Or maybe you could be dealing with having an overwhelming urge to wave at another biker, or you’re just unsure how to respond to them and whether you look less cool.

    Don’t panic, the wave is actually a symbolic gesture for you to connect with other fellow bikers and there isn’t really any special how=to book on how it should be done. Plus, there’s no course on this in biking class either.

    But we still got you covered, you so that you could get away from the awkwardness and know the do’s and don’ts

    Waving usually unnecessary

    If you’re riding along a busy road or riding fast in a highway, waving is not needed. However, if you are riding slowly in a no traffic zone, this could be the right time to exchange waves with your fellow biker.


    Always try reciprocating

    Don’t leave a fellow biker hanging. If you catch some old beard on a Honda Ruckus raising a heavy hand for you, make sure you wave back (but be safe, make sure you have both hands on the bike if you are riding in a busy road!)


    Don’t wave like a queen

    Waving at a biker has nothing regal. Make sure to use a nonchalant wave with just enough cool to have street cred and enough of a gesture to be noticed.


    Don’t discriminate

    Try to not distinguish between the types of motorcycles. Whether it is a Harley Davidson or a scooter, make sure you still wave. Besides, it makes the scooterist’s day!

    Now that you know when to and not to wave at a fellow biker, here’s a quick guide of waves that are commonly accepted- if you are driving on the left side of the road, switch left with right and vice versa

    Here are five motorcycle waves

    Left Handed Low

    Aimed down towards the street with the extension of one, two, three, or five fingers

    Left-handed Straight Out

    Arm is fully or partially extended higher or lower than the shoulder

    Left-hand High

    Elbow should be bent with slight forward angling of the forearm


    Typically employed by Ultra Classic and Goldwing riders

    Left-handed forward

    Almost imperceptible due to the speed of the wave and the bike.