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Part 2 - How To Prevent The Unforeseen

Prevention is better than true is that! Lets look at more ways of keeping ourselves safe while riding.



Riding a motorcycle makes you less of a view-able obstacle on the road. Many motorcyclists tend to fall within a car driver’s blind spot. Also, car drivers are subconsciously paying more attention to other cars on the road than motorcycles. Many motorcycle accidents were caused because a car driver didn’t see a motorcycle and thought a motorcycle “came out of nowhere,” even though the motorcyclist was nearby for miles. It’s best to believe that none of the other cars on the road can see you so you don’t make a poor decision based on assumption.



It’s important to frequently check your mirrors to see what’s going on behind you as you ride. While it is important to check your mirrors before changing lanes, this safety tip is more about the other cars on the road. Your mirrors can help you see oncoming cars behind you, so you won’t get startled when overtaken. Cars behind you might also have their blinkers on, trying to warn you of an upcoming merge. Checking your mirrors will also help you better gauge your distance between you and the vehicles around you. This helps create a more accurate buffer between your motorcycle and traffic surrounding you.



Using your brakes to avoid a motorcycle crash might seem like a given, but many motorcycle accidents happened due to the poor reaction time of the rider using the brake. Always keep your hands over the front and rear brakes so you can slow or stop instantly. In fact, many experienced riders advocate that you find an empty parking lot and practice braking at various speeds, so at least you and your body can know what to do and what to expect if you need to make a unexpected stop. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation also provides a motorcycle safety course to help you adept to braking and flexibility skills.



Choose safety gear that is comfortable and does not hinder your ability to operate. The road doesn’t care about your face or any of your body parts looking the way it was genetically designed. So, at the very least, if none of the previous reasons for wearing proper motorcycle gear sounds good with you, dress for the crash. Don't wear gloves that are too tight or too loose on your hands as they might make it hard to work the controls on your bike. Wear insulated gloves when it is cold outside so that you don't freeze your fingers off. Riding out in 100-degree temperatures? Then breathable motorbike apparel that reflects the sun can help you stay hydrated and cool. Do you have proper eye protection for bright sunlight? How about clear glasses for after dark? Invest in a saddlebag on your motorcycle dedicated to tools, rain gear, garments and also glove options for different weathers and temperatures. We want you to ride smooth and far. 



I can't stress enough on daily checking, and timely and regular service, repair and maintenance. When were the tires last changed? Do you see a sudden leak (oil or gas)? Are the lights working - front, rear and signals. What about the horn and brakes - are they working, normal? Mirrors - clean and well adjusted? Clutch and throttle are working smoothly? Each and every part of your bike is made to keep you safe and protected. 


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