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Part 2 - HELMET: Rule the Road with Your Crown

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Motocross Helmet


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Intended for off-road, flying debris and dirt, heavy-beating of the wind and deafening-vrooming noise; this helmet is equipped with all the needed protection. Riders typically wear goggles that are suitable and comfortable with these helmets, normally giving enough open space for breathing, or sometimes even the nostrils are covered. Normally angular in shape than round, the protruding chin bar is meant for added protection from flying off-road dirt. When fully geared, the combo of the helmet and goggles gives it a full-face helmet appearance.

Other than serving the ‘safety’ purpose, a best-fit helmet has other considerations too, one of it being which kind of road are you riding on. If you are into touring and cruising, a half-helmet or open face is usually the norm, but a full-face is more advisable. Egg-shell shaped helmets rank high in heavy traffic city roads; but aerodynamic, heavy-duty and noise evading ones are needed for fast and high-speed riding. Long distance riding is best suited for technology-fitted helmets like hands-free calling, GPS navigation, radio and Bluetooth connectivity.


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Depending on ones' country of origin and the enforcement and regulations surrounding motorcycling, its good to get oneself a ‘certified’ helmet. The common globally known accreditation/s are DOT, Snell and ECE. These helmets are built to endure crashes.

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A helmet should comfily and snuggly fit you…not too heavy, not wobbly, not suffocating, not pinching or poking, not blocking your vision, and surely not shutting you off the world. Wearing it in style is important, but more so is wearing it right.

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Other than the outlook of helmets in terms of color, shape, style; there are other in-built components that make the helmet a priceless gear to its user. These components – the outer shell, followed by the impact-absorbing liner, then the comfort padding layer and lastly the retention system (or also known as the chin strap) – work collectively to protect and shield its owner’s head.


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Helmets that are premium priced are made from fibreglass fused with Kevlar or carbon fibre, chrome, microfiber, lexan are more durable and sturdy. The thickness and density of the internal foam is also integral to cushion the head to prevent injury. And again, all these protection works only with the chin strap, surely and securely, fastened.

Some of today’s helmets are tailor-made to be “so-called” chic, trendy, fashionable, cool looking. I truly hope that they serve the real purpose or function of a helmet. My biking buddies call me ‘old school’ and ‘antique’ if I make spiteful comments about bikers with weird and hideous-looking helmets. But hey! a ‘biker’ has got to do what a ‘biker’ has got to do!



However, I don’t take as much offence to helmet vinyl and stickers, particularly when they are creatively and significantly designed. Whether fully-covered or partial-covered with vinyl stickers, these helmets are sure head-turners. Airbrushed and graphic-designed helmets – when done tastefully - look good, too. When done properly, these helmets look exclusive and exceptional.


Airbrushed - Courtesy of Kruzin’ 


Airbrushed - Courtesy of Airbrush Pro

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