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Biking Beginners: Common Points to Consider for New vs Used Bikes

If you’re a new rider, and looking to buy a bike, but you’re unsure of whether you want a new one or used second-hand bike, it can be very hard. The good news is: there ain't no right or wrong answer. However, you'll just have to weigh in the advantages and disadvantages.

There are so many variables to consider from budgets, preferences, experience, and skills. Here’s a comparison of the pros and cons of buying a new and preloved bike. Hopefully it helps your decision in choosing a much less traumatising experience.


New Bike

  • Nice and shiny.
  • Unscratched paintwork and un dented seat.
  • Feels great to ride. Has a higher probably of new technology.
  • Works well, at the highest standard.
  • Always backed by the manufacturer’s guarantee.


Used Bike

  • Significantly cheaper than new branded models.
  • Paying a bargain price for a decent bike is highly likely thanks to quick depreciation rates.
  • When it comes to reselling, it won’t be much of a loss as compared to selling a brand-new bike.
  • There could be some underlying problems with the bike, which the previous owner may have “forgotten”. Such problems could be extremely expensive to prepare. No more manufacturer’s guarantee.
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