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Little Ways To Make Your Ride Faster

There is obviously no fast and easy ways to simply make your motorcycle faster without investing big bucks, but there are smaller tricks out there to help you squeeze some extra power out of your bike without letting your wallet burn up in flames! There are a few tried and tested ways to improve your motorcycles performance, but don't put your hopes up too high if you're expecting a super power boost. With just the right combination of little tricks and add-ons, you might be able to make your bike go a lil' faster.


1. Changing your exhaust

If you’re set on getting the most performance out of your bike, one of the very first things you should do is ameliorate your exhaust system. For the new exhaust system to help make your motorcycle faster, you’re going to have to get the fuel mapping brought into line with a Power Commander too. After-market exhaust systems are typically much lighter than the factory options, they provide superior power and torque, and much quicker throttle response.


2. Suspension adjustments

You might think that you've already have access to a fully adjustable suspension but the chances are that you don’t, and that now you’re stuck with regular springs with eclectic preload. But there's still hope! Okay, let’s look at why your suspension matters in the first place. It might not sound like it's fast, but your suspension matters. If your bike isn’t responding to your weight and your body commands correctly, then you’re going to be leaking speed. It’s obviously not going to add any extra miles per hour, but what really matters is that it could save you precious tenths of a second.


3. Lighter parts

Well it has been stated by race technicians that the best way to improve performance is to shed as much weight as possible. It’s the most straightforward and most effectual way to give your motorcycle the extra boost. It’s not particularly cheap though, because lightweight parts that are strong and durable come at a upscale price. But none of us are suggesting that you swap out your entire bodywork in favor of carbon fiber parts that come with a price tag that you could buy a few houses with. However, selecting a few key ingredients to chop and change with lightweight alternatives can make a really huge difference.   


4. Proper tires

The real reason why an adequate set of tires will help you make you motorcycle faster is down to the fact that they’re just that; a new set of tires! If you’ve been trying to thrash your way to top speed on rubber that’s been on your rims for a good few years, which are super worn down, and should’ve been replaced a million years ago, it’s no wonder that you’re not pulling in the miles per hour that you have always wanted to achieve. 

5. Upgrade your brakes

Braking is really important – if not more so – than accelerating. If you’ve got brakes that you trust, you can out-brake your opposition. If you’ve got confidence in your stopping ability, you’ll feel more comfortable pushing your motorcycle to faster speeds. Imagine you had no brakes at all, obviously you wouldn’t feel very comfortable and safe would you? But if you’ve got fantastic brakes, well, that’s a completely different story. To bring your brakes into line, you should really get yourself some serious new brake pads.














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