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Hidden Benefits Of Riding A Motorbike

1. Increases Your Physical Fitness

Riding a motorcycle has several important health benefits, like burning almost twice the calories as driving a car. It’s really easy to see how it’s actually more arduous than driving a car. Even when you’re still sitting for a longer period of time, but the legwork required to ride your bike as well as the constant balancing act is harder work than just sitting behind the steering wheel with the air-con blasting.

Furthermore, motorcycle riders will get the chance to have stronger cores, thighs, and necks. Your core is strengthened while balancing, your thighs while backing up, and your neck just by wearing your heavy but safe helmet!

2. Betters Your Brain

A study conducted at the University of Tokyo by Dr. Kawashima and his colleagues indicates that riding a motorcycle isn’t just good for your body, but your brain as well. Riding a motorcycle gives you the ability to focus in a way that driving doesn’t. You have to pay extra attention to your surroundings all around you all the time. Actively focusing on a task is good for our brain, and riding a motorcycle impels that.

3. Stick It to the Man

Most riders know how much cheaper a bike can be than a car, but it could be even cheaper, well depending on what state you’re in.  Places like Florida, among several others, does not require insurance at all for motorcycles, but your license might be suspended if you are involved in a crash without one.  It’s a gamble that many riders are willing to take.  While insurance is certainly nice to have, for people in desperate financial situations, this is one more reason to ride not drive.

4. Red Lights? Pffft.

Motorcyclists are quite strangely exempt from various road driving laws.  Example given,  motorcyclists are permitted to treat red lights like stop signs in 15 states. Well, motorcyclists in 35 states still have to make that “choice” choice y'know, but it obviously feels pretty damn good to zip and zoom vroom through an intersection for the rest of us.  Yeah, you still have to stop, but it reeks of rebellion and all that cool juice.  Even though it’s legal, there is still a thrill in being allowed to do something mostly taboo.

Now, none of these reasons are likely to convince your parents to get you a bike or even permission to get yourself one, but they really are some added bonuses to riding!  Who doesn’t want to be fitter, smarter, richer, and a little rebellious and edgy?  We all do, but, honestly, we’d be riding all day err day if we can. 

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