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Motorcycling is Invigorating and Healthful

Biking is Good for Health! How often do you hear that? While everyone out there is worrying and fearing about riders and riding; I would like to put a tinge of positivity and optimism to riding. Riding comes with heaps of health goodness and wellness when done safely and correctly.

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Mental Might

Only a rider can tell you about leaping into the unknown openness and freedom; the breeze brushing the skin; the warmth of the sun and the ache of the raindrops…riding is about the ultimate blending of man, nature and machine all in one, and one in all.

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Riding also enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of your cognitive ability. A good rider has to be alert, aware, cautious and mindful at all times. This activates one's thinking and consciousness ability and facility.

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One’s feeling of liberation and euphoria increases the adrenaline rush within and triggers the overall mental, emotional and health well-being. A healthy mind, soul and body leads to longevity, happiness and fulfillment. Touring and cruising on your machine, whether on-road or off-road adds more edge and age, into your life.

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Bones and Muscles firm-up

Riding toughens and strengthens the biker’s neck, shoulders and back - muscles and bones. Ultimately, giving a biker a good posture and contour. The upright, balancing and swaying with the roads’ curves and turns, ensure that the back curves are well flexed and stimulated.

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It also ensures that a biker’s hands and legs are well stretched and bent as needed while riding. Riding is like a therapy for the muscles, nerves and bones that run through these two limbs. The pulling, pushing, stiffening and relaxing aids with building sturdier hands and legs.

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Burning the fats

Burn away those calories while riding! Depending on your body size & mass, and the pressure the terrain puts forth on you, one can burn between 200-300 calories per hour (Source: Kass & Moses). It takes effort and strain to twist and turn, to fight the wind, to climb the peak and to be in control and to balance your machine. One must burn 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat. Hence in a year, a devoted and enthusiastic daily rider can lose about 20 pounds…not bad at all, if you ask me. This is called shaping-up in pleasure, than in pain.

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