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Guide for Newbie Bikers: Buying a bike

You have decided to buy a new bike but you’re unsure of where to start. Well, you need to start with your research. It is very important for you to make sure you know what you’re dealing with and what kind of bike you’re looking for, without having to empty your bank account unnecessarily.

Here’s a short guide on how you can begin with your research. Just remember these 4 simple points.

  1. Check the list prices of the kind of bike you’d like to have. This will help you set up a guide price.
  2. Decide how much you’re willing to pay, so that you won’t leave the showroom feeling guilty
  3. Make sure you agree to a “fair” price, so that you will leave the showroom feeling that you had a good deal.
  4. Figure out what your maximum spending would be. This would help make sure you don’t go past this price.

Now, we’re going to talk about how you can approach the salesperson.

Salespeople are trained to get the best deal possible, the higher the price, the better. This is where you need to be the most careful about as dealing with the salesperson is an art in itself. Getting a good deal for yourself, starts with the simple task of introducing yourself than just starting out with the calculator on your hand.

Introduce yourself and make it clear that you’re here to buy a bike today before you begin to talk about the bike with the salesperson present. Ask them about some of the features and make sure you get their opinion about the bike you’re interested in.

Avoid saying: “I really like this bike” – the salesperson would get the idea that you’re very reluctant to leave the showroom empty-handed.

“I’m new to biking” or “I don’t know much about bikes”- Avoid this at all costs! You don’t want the salesperson to know that you’re a novice at biking, even though most dealers are helpful, some dealers tend to exploit this weakness.

A whole list price of a bike will be given to you along with some additional fees. This may overwhelm you, but make sure you patiently look through them and politely decline this offer. Make sure you tell them that this is not within your budget or “to be honest, this is more than I had in mind”

The salesperson will then understand that you are not prepared to pay how much they want you to.

Shock the salesperson with an offer they were not expecting, and be persistent with it. Make sure you stand your ground, don’t be intimidated that your offer will reach the sales manager, it will help push the deal some more.

If they are still reluctant, excuse yourself and give yourself a breather outside the showroom. Tell the salesperson you’re going to make a phone call, this will give them time to think about your offer. This also shows them that you’re prepared to walk away.

If they haven’t come up with a better deal, nudge them again. If they seem to lean onto agreeing to the deal, say nothing and offer a handshake, they won’t be able to decline it.

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