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From A Biker to A Biker

When meeting another biker, whether at work, in the neighborhood, at a diner, anywhere at all; we only greet each other with the ‘B’ word…biker, bikes, biking. The name may vary from country to country, continent to continent depending on what a bike is called…motorcycle, or motorbike, or chopper, or scooter, or any of the localized lingo. The next big thing is that we all share mutual stories and experiences…which are listed below.


Gearing-up to Ride on your ‘Baby’…I mean ‘Bike’

What takes a car driver 5 minutes will take us at least half-an-hour! We dress for the ride! The one or two-piece heavy-duty and body-trimmed leather with its armor of knee, elbow, shoulder and back protection all fully worn and geared-up. The matching biking boots to guard the toes all the way to the ankle or knee. The gloves to guard our knuckles and the limb that is needed to feel and maneuver the handlebars. The best-fit helmet for the occasion, and if needed the proper goggles or shades. We even can reminiscence and laugh about the times when we left the keys in the pocket in our inner denim pants after all the gearing-up.

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Nature strikes!

Bikers are no aliens to being swamped by insects and debris, blurred by the glaring bright sun, or engulfed by rain, dust, smoke (man-made), fog or any of nature’s surprises. We can be ridding to work, and a sudden splat of mud or paint can land on our head, not forgetting our flying bird friends that only pick on us, from above. Or when cruising through the thick, green, cooling, musty woods, and a swamp of wasp is magnetically attracted to the helmet’s screen (and you will be grateful if you are wearing a full-face at this point!). Or the annoying itch bug or dust mite that is caught under the helmet! The weather and climate can also raid us unexpectedly – the pouring rain, the dazzling and blinding sunshine, the melting snowfall, the evaporation caused by the hot and cold mix, name it…these are no strangers to us, nor are we to them.

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You will never Ride Alone

A buddy who isn’t a biker told me once that the bikers are a ‘close-knitted and communal lot’. I can testify to this! The times when another biker was involved in a crash, or needed repair aid, or squeezing-in a small place for shelter from the gushing rainstorm, or sharing a ciggie break, or just simply waving and greeting the other…the biker community is surely a bond of brother/sisterhood. From the congested roads of the city to the secluded roads of the village, a biker is always glad to meet his kind.

And, we are a helpful lot too, don’t deny that. We are the first to stop when there’s a cry for help, even to our non-biking buddies. Serving to control the traffic in an emergency, assisting an elderly cross the busy road, or just minding a child who is left alone without adult supervision…we are there for everyone. Our getup might be unfriendly and leery, but we ‘generally’ don’t mean any malice.

Courtesy of The Human Spirit


Vacations and Road Trips are Elating and Awakening

Talk to a biker about vacations, he will tell you lets go somewhere with bike trails. Plan a holiday destination with a biker, he will meet you there on his bike, even if he has to cross boundaries or countries. May it be a holiday selfie or wefie, never take a picture of a biker without his bike, that’s the ultimate death sentence. Just after picking his brand-new bike from the shop, a biker will ride it up a hill range or go for a faraway cruise; only to realize much later that he hasn’t prepared himself at all for this joy ride! – no complete gear, no money, no preparation. But hey! isn’t that what biking is all about – doing it impulsively and unexpectedly. Not really, we have to plan and to prepare for our rides, that’s the wise and right thing to do.

A road-trip rejuvenates, reinvigorates and restores a biker. That’s our escape mechanism, our zen moment. Do you remember as a child, when you hit a free road, or adventure into the unknown, or discover some new path for the first time…the feeling of eagerness, anxiety, thrill, fear, exhilaration, all brewing and boiling within us simultaneously? Yes, that’s the feeling we bikers live with every time we are out in the open, free and serene roads. Bikers and the nature blend in naturally.

Courtesy of Two Wheels


Traffic Jams – What’s that???

Traffic jams aren’t maddening and agonizing for us. We hear of colleagues, friends and almost everyone else (who drive) grumbling and cringing about the traffic jam. How they have to be up early just to get to work on time, and how a crash along the way to work caused a 2-hour massive jam, and how they were upset because they missed a booked-show due to the traffic jam, and all the many reasons drivers get infuriated with the road and the jams. For us bikers, traffic has never been a bully. We take advantage of these jams to test our riding skills – maneuvering, turning, reversing, squeezing in and out, etc. We have the privilege of sleeping-in longer in the mornings when car drivers are already hitting the road. We have the pleasure of zooming through a traffic jam just like there isn’t one at all. And don’t get me bragging about the ease of finding a parking when you ride a bike!

CO Cycle World


I might be Small today, but I will Grow to be Big

It is every motorcyclist’s dream to possess a Superbike, one day. The envious looks, the cynical snares, the nasty gazes, the grimacing facial expression from bystanders and other road users only mean one thing – ‘how I wish I was on THAT Superbike!’. The roaring and enigmatic vrooming sound of the bike from a distance will prepare all the eyes to watch you in admiration and awe. And as you close-down to your focal point, it is surely a treat to the eyes of the beholder to see you stop (if red light) or brush past them. You might be long gone, but they will still be fixated on you, still hoping to catch a glimpse of you.

All bikers too aspire to join a bikers’ gang, someday. Riding solo is self-gratifying but riding as a ‘gang’ is a feeling of beyond-this-world-gratification. Whether it’s a short ride or a long cruise, a planned trip or a sudden weekend joy ride; riding with your fraternity or community is sheer indulgence and contentment.

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