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Bikers Against Child Abuse

Bikers around the world are beating stereotypes. The media often associates us, bikers, with danger and violence, because of our loud motorbikes, tattoos and attitude. But an association of bikers have come together to beat stereotypes and fight against child abuse.



It all started in Utah, United States, 1995, when a group of bikers rallied together to visit wounded children and bring them into the biker family- where about twenty-seven bikers were present. Slowly, word spread and bikers began to rally together in Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas and around the world, thus marking the beginning of Bikers Against Child Abuse.



But not just any biker can join this tax-exempted association. Interested bikers will have to go through a federal background check (using their fingerprints), they will have to attend workshops that help bikers familiarize themselves with child abuse, attend monthly B.A.C.A meetings, rides, court hearings, other B.A.C.A events and ride with the B.A.C.A chapter for one year, minimum. However, they will only be a part of the association, after they’ve been unanimously approved by a Board of Directors.


Now what do these bikers do exactly? Well, they help escort vulnerable children who have been abused, these kids will be given the names and contact numbers of two bikers, that live the closest to their location. They can contact these bikers whenever they feel afraid. The bikers will come bearing with goodies like stickers that says "they’re not alone". Bikers will also be present at court hearings, as a supporting system for the child and there was also a situation where bikers stood outside a kid’s home so that the child feels safer, knowing that the abuser won’t be able to enter their home.


B.A.C.A is funded by donations from the public, some of which come from corporations, other charitable organizations such as Rotary Clubs, Lions, Eagles, Shriners, popular rock bands, celebrities and many more! B.A.C.A members also take it upon themselves to donate as well.

B.A.C.A has a strict protocol against using violence or physical force in any way. But if the child is in danger, the bikers will do whatever it takes to be the obstacle to prevent the child from getting abused any further.

Don’t you think B.A.C.A should come to Malaysia? It’s one way to bring bikers together and another to help raise awareness against child abuse.

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