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Best-Fitting Biking Boots

I was out riding with my buddies when we made a pit-stop for a breather. One guy laid his eyes on my biking boots and said bluntly that it’s about time I got myself a new pair of boots! Yes, it was about time and I have been deferring this purchase for too long. I have to finally say my ‘goodbyes’ with my racing boots after being with her for over twelve years. It was such a grief to let her go, but what’s more painful is finding a compatible replacement.

I started wondering about what we bikers consider in buying a pair of boots – sturdiness, durability, cost, style, brand, color, length of boots…what exactly do we want? I had one ultimate objective though, that surpasses all others – ‘Safety’! Whether it is for cruising or touring, or for daily commuting…Safety first!

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Too many times I have heard my buddies mentioning about (why, even I myself have experienced it) hurting the leg/s – especially knee below – in an unforeseen situation. It might be crashing into something or something crashing into us, or particles hitting or flying towards our legs, or even the bike falling on our leg when we lose balance.

Wearing the correct and suitable boots not only saves you some skin, flesh and bone; but also adds style and sophistication to your personality.

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Motorcycle boots are made with safety and best-fit in mind. They are generally made from heavy, durable and thick leather. The boots have flat heels to help you to be in control while riding. They are packed with shock-absorption, abrasion resistant, puncture hardiness and corrosion resilience. Their supportive padding and lining are made of sturdy materials such as metal, hard-wearing plastic or tough composite materials to protect a rider’s feet, ankle and shin in an accident. They range in length too, from above ankle to below knee variance.

The tightening or fastening mechanism for the boots come in various forms, Velcro, buckles, hook and loops fasteners. The aim is for it to be breathable, light weighted, balanced and compact-enough to protect your leg. Waterproof boots are an added advantage.

Deciding what to buy ain’t going to be easy for me….aaarrrggghhhh!


Casual Riding Boots

You can find an assortment of (normally) ankle length casual riding boots - vintage, vans, classic and modern. They are normally beefed-up in interior and exterior ankle support and, toe and heel protectors. They also come in waterproof and breathable membrane.

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Cruising Boots

Comes in anti-slip out-sole and wide toe comfort fit. These off-road boots are well-balanced, and light weighted. Cruising can take you through different roads, weathers and speeds; therefore these boots are both breathable and resistant towards abrasion, corrosion and impact. It also comes in various length and style.

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Touring Boots

Touring boots are made more for the light and easy rides like the daily city commuting. It is built to perform on hard paved roads, and for travelling at moderate speeds of the city. They can easily strike off as normal casual boots, which makes it even more attractive – serving dual purposes in one go.

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Harness Boots

These heavy-duty boots, like engineering boots, come in various lengths and colors. The purpose of these boots are to keep your legs from the heat of the gigantic exhaust pipes and cylinder block. Unlike engineer boots, harness boots are more wide-toed. They have metal-protection at the toes and heels. Doesn’t come too strappy and buckled for it retains its’ originality as soldiers’ boots. However, over time it has evolved into a biker’s fashion statement.

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Racing Boots

Usually used for high-speed racing and for hard race-track pavements. They come in a combination of leather, metal, plastic or composite materials. With racing in mind, these boots are built with superior impact protection and, well-guarded ankle and heels cap. Intended for riders who are racers at heart, and who ride in all weathers and road textures. These boots come with waterproof membranes, too.

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