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Best Bike Gear Of 2018

Here’s a quick look at Alpinestars, a name that the motorcycle community already associates with superior performance, technology, and ultra protection, that has announced a collection of new gear for 2018! So here's a list of gears that stood out the most which included remarkable new steps in safety technology, or was just plain cool for you to rock in.

Guyana Gore-Tex Jacket

Get your money ready for your very own adventure-esque jacket that is sure to leave searing impressions down every lane. Featuring a Gore-Tex weatherproof membrane layer that overlays into the outer shell, for the same thin experience and lighter all-inclusive weight. It also includes stretch panels in vital locations and fortified sections that help with durability.

Yokohama Drystar Jacket

This durable jacket has been aimed to cover a wide range of riders in terms of style, use, climate, and fit. The significant difference with this piece is that the Drystar membrane is actually incorporated into the outer shell itself, abolishing the size-able of most akin all-weather jackets. This means less weight overall, but also helps keep any form of liquid from penetrating into the outside layer of the jacket.

Yokohama Drystar Pant

Absolutely similar to the jacket, the Yokohama Drystar Pant comprises the same laminated Drystar membrane which means: weight down, water protection up. The Yokohama includes suspenders to help keep the pants in place around your waist too!

Patron Gore-Tex Glove

The Patron leather glove actually allows you to use your phone without the removal of the glove itself, thanks to the touch-screen compatible fingertips! (But you better not be using your phone wile riding at the same time!) The stretch paneling between the forefinger and the thumb keeps your hand flexible and comfortable. It's specialized “Gore-Grip” situated on the palms give you a much better grip on the bars while the built-in visor wiper is a “handy” addition, permitting you to wipe away any rainwater or liquid that builds up on your visor.

Campeche Drystar Boot

With a “50/50 split” in mind, because certain riders need both on and off-road protection. The Drystar membrane keeps your feet protected without feeling any of the harsh effects from the elements, while the oiled leather finish assists in the efficient cleanup of dirt, soot and muck.

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