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Adventure Motorcycling On a Budget

Always dreamed of having a two-wheeled adventure? Well from all the shows and marketing tactics that you've seen, you might think that you need at least a BMW cruiser to do it but that couldn't be further away from the truth.

The truth is that no matter what kind of bike that you have, no matter the amount of money in your pockets, you can definitely go out there and do it. And here's how.


The Bike

Honestly do you really want to get those ridiculous ADV bikes that are actually terrible off-road. Why? They’re heavy! Like really, really heavy. Most standard motorcycles or all-rounders are perfectly capable of riding down a dirt road just as well as a SuperTen or a Tiger and they come with a perfect price too that wouldn't put your wallet up in flames. Well obviously a highly modified ADV bike complete with crash protection, heavy duty suspension and dirt tires can be the real deal in the hands of a pro, but keep in mind that you’re no desert racer. For you, a little less weight is more. Just be aware of your bike’s limitations and plan accordingly with your luggage. Whatever you have, it can get you into the outdoors.


The Gear

What you wear is always going to be the most important thing anywhere you go and especially when you plan to go on an adventure riding. You're definitely going to encounter a wide variety of temperatures and weather conditions in the mountains or desert and it's all about the gear you're donning on that will get you through that comfortably. The best direction here is to take stuff you’re familiar with. Gear you know and trust can be relied on; no matter how much moolah you spend on fancy new stuff, you have no guarantee it will work for you.


The Map Planning

Always make a game plan before you zoom off. Believe me when I say that the whole “Be Prepared” thing has never steered anyone wrong. In fact, being more prepared than necessary will make your experience more versatile, more pleasant and give you enough ammunition to deal with the extremely unexpected. First things first, you’ll need to pick a route or destination. Spend some time reading forums or do some researching on the internet, then pick a place you want to go and start looking at maps. If this is going to be your first off-road trip, keep it simple and doable. It’s also a good idea to arm yourself to change plans mid-trip. Give yourself options.


What To Take With You

Water, fuel and stuff to repair/replace your tires. The rest is optional.

Water: Please stay hydrated, being thirsty is never the way. At the very least one gallon of water per person, per day. If you’re traveling through the desert or in another place where the weather is scorching and water is scarce, take some extra in case you break down or get stranded!

Fuel: There is never such thing as too much fuel so fill up your bike with enough for your ride to and fro. 

Bike Repair: You can’t take an entire garage full of tools and parts with you. Know your bike and make smart decisions on packing based on what will most likely fail or need to be repaired. At a minimum, be prepared to deal with simple breakdown and tyre problems.

Camping Stuff: You’ll definitely need a tent, a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag rated for a colder temperature. Pack stuff to purify water, start a fire and see at night. Oh, and don’t forget the food! 



Everyone know motorcycles are dangerous. And that you can't control how much risk you’re exposed to by riding safely. And that is the most important thought when you’re riding off-road, a long way from home sweet home. Riding with your buddies can really reduce the direness and managing your risks. Build a good First Aid kit specifically designed to deal with motorcycle accidents. Include in it: Benadryl, a snake bite pump, blister aids, ACE bandages, anti-diarrhea medicine etc. While it might be tempting to teach yourself how to drift in the middle of nowhere, thousands of miles away from home, don't. Enjoy the journey, have a good time riding your bike within its and your own limits and you’ll come home with stories to tell the village. 

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