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5 Bikes that will be your best touring companion

BMW R 1200 GS

This bike is really handy when it comes to travelling around rocky terrain or sand. It will help you conquer those rocky terrains in the mountains and you will feel like nothing can stop you (but please wear a helmet!). Now why is this bike perfect for such terrains? This is because it is equipped with a selection of ‘riding modes’ and a robust frame. Being the latest in BMW’s “travel endures” range, it offers a similar high seated design, which was used by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman in their 19,000-mile trip around the world in 2004.



The Honda Pan European is famous for its design that can go through miles and miles without causing a strain or aches to its rider- which means you will be able to ride this bike for much longer without needing to stop for breaks! This bike is a favourite among adventurous riders and touring enthusiasts. Get yourself a Honda Pan European for a high-class comfort while touring.



You must have heard about FJR’s aerodynamic bodywork, their futuristic dials and easy-to-use controls. This bike also comes with a 1298cc liquid cooled in-line four engine with a six-speed transmission. However, one of the greatest element of this bike is its ability to shift gears without having to touch the gears! Named by Yamaha as ‘Chips Controlled Shift” system (YCC-S), this bike will let you ride for long hours without leaving you feeling tired easily, which is normally experienced during long trips. If you haven’t been convinced enough, this bike also features an electric screen, glove box and electronically adjustable suspensions!



This bike, known as the Swiss-army knife in motorcycle touring, is great for open road touring as well as commuting to work. It is a great combination of sport, touring and commuting bikes available today! This fully customisable sports tourer is equipped with 1198cc 90-degree V-Twin engine which reaches upto 160hp. This bike has a number of features, such as, high-tech gadgetry and sophisticated electronics, semi-active suspension, self-adjusting windshield, standard traction control, top-notch ABS system and integrated cruise control, and so many more!



The name itself should be able to give you that luxurious, stylish feel. This bike also provides comfort! The Honda Gold Wing has been leading the Touring World; With its electronic reversing aid, built-in audio system with iPod connectivity and an overdrive system that gives you a low revs while cruising, this bikes ensures you that you won’t bored while riding and also gives you great comfort, making you want to embrace the salty air when cruising by the beach. This bike also features heated grips, seat to satellite navigation system, passenger’s arm rests, wide seats and low floorboards. It is also the first bike that has a factory production-line airbag!

These are our five best touring motorbikes. Now we are leaving it for you to decide on which bike you should take for your next adventure.


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