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3 Main Benefits of Upgrading Your Exhaust Pipe

There are a few things to consider when upgrading your exhaust pipe to an aftermarket one. First and foremost, there are two kinds of upgrades - the slip-ons, and the full pipe systems. Slip-ons don’t really add much value to your performance aside from reducing the weight of the bike. Exhaust pipe sets can be installed and tuned to increase performance by tuning the intake and exhaust flow. Regardless, to each its own. Here are the main benefits of upgrading your exhaust pipe.

  • Performance Upgrade

  • There are three main upgrades that come with changing your exhaust pipe, that contribute to granting the motorcycle a better performance:

    • Overall Weight

    Carbon fiber and titanium alloy are a lot lighter than stainless steel exhaust pipes. The reduction of weight may not be so much, but is significant enough to record a difference in performance. The only cons about the carbon fiber or titanium alloy selection is that they can be super expensive. In fact, you can still opt for a stainless steel exhaust pipe, just choose one that has a smaller system and is lighter than your current one.

    • Fuel Efficiency

    Fuel efficiency can be improved because of two things - the overall weight has been reduced, and the configuration of the exhaust system to match your engine. Depending on the type of rider you are, you need to select a suitable exhaust pipe that can be configured to match your engine.

    • Increased Speed

    With lighter weight and more power, comes increased speed. This is of course a contra to fuel efficiency. If you are a speed demon, you will want to select an exhaust pipe that can be tuned to give you more acceleration and top speeds.


  • Enhanced Looks

  • Well, obviously. When selecting an aftermarket exhaust pipe, the first thing you are going to consider is how great it’s going to look attached to your motorcycle. Even an older bike can look and feel brand new with a new exhaust pipe. Do some research and learn how different kinds of exhaust pipes match different styles. There are variant mounts to choose from, different finishes i.e. matte, chrome, etc. Just bear in mind that some pipes will change color, so consult your specialist before making a decision.


  • Great Sound

  • Don’t try and convince us that you are choosing to use an aftermarket exhaust pipe NOT because of the sound. Everybody wants their own customized roar. Get a really good exhaust pipe set for your bike and boy, oh boy, it will be music to your ears. Your neighbors might hate you, but it will be worth it. An added point to note is that a louder bike might just save your life on the road. Of course if you like peace and quiet, there's always the selection of mufflers that reduce loudness of the exhaust.


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