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2018 Ducati Monster 821 Revealed

In celebration of their 25th anniversary of the 1993 Ducati Monster, Miguel Galuzzi, the mastermind behind this, the Ducati brand has updated their Monster 821. Wondering what's new for the 2018 Ducati Monster 821? We've compiled some facts to feed your curiosity.


1. The new Monster 821, has borrowed some of it's designs and mechanisms from its previous models, Monster 1200 and Monster 900. The fuel tank has been redesigned the same way as the larger M1200. Its lock opening mechanism has also been redesigned, similar to M900.


2. The new headlamp with LED daytime running lights has also been borrowed from M1200.


3. The tail has been redesigned to a slimmer tail, fitted to a steel trellis subframe, similar to M900. 


Monster 821

4. Brembo brakes have been added, to make the machine even safer, with dual 320mm discs.


5. Comes with Ducati's trick Safety Pack, a trio comprised of three-level Bosch ABS, eight-level Ducati Traction-control, and three pre-programmed riding modes.


6. M821 gets a newly designed silencer and separate passenger and rider pegs, which is definitely an upgrade from the bulky single-piece units that previous models were fitted with. 


7. Features a new color, Ducati Yellow, which is only available for M821, along with Ducati Red and Black.


8. The 2018 Monster 821 engine uses the same engine as last season. The liquid-cooled Testasstretta powerplant produces 109 horsepower at 9250rpm and 63 ft/lbs of torque at 7750 rpm.


9. The Ducati M821 uses a 43mm front fork and shock absorber with adjustable preload, and a dual-sided swingarm.


Although the M821 share similar designs to its other Monster models, it does not mean it is the same. It has been tweaked and changed to bolster performance without losing the unique characteristics. Side by side shots help show how the new M821 is different from its previous models, showing the tank,, tail-section and headlight unit, along with the distinct frame, have been reworked, resulting in a sleeker, more streamlined design.

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