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Two Kinds of Bikers You Oughta Know

We love hanging out with the mates, chugging down on some good ol' foamy beer and watch the horizon. We'd be checking for other bikers who may look like yourselves but probably aren’t. Gentlemen, we call these posers and guys, we've got to weed these out. You've got to take that as a responsibility. Make sure the poser population has lessened, in order for your crew to survive.


To help you distinguish between the ultimate newbies and help you defend your biking type from dilution, we have provided you a quick solution to this mess


Don’t worry, it’s okay if your fellow bikers call you BAMBI, that’s all the respect you need! You hung up your gloves and leathers years ago as your family needed you but now that the kids have flown off the coop and your wife/girlfriend finally gives the OK, you’re back! You’ve become older and wiser and you have a place at the head of your riding pack.

However, not all beer bellied greybeards are like you. The posers come with shiny boots and Fonzi jackets which mention that they’ve had their Harley for years but they can’t tell you if it’s a knucklehead or shovelhead.


Lifelong bikers are here to stay, they don’t just show up at some biking event, only to pose for the press; they attend fellow bikers’ family dinners, weddings, post-divorce drinking sessions, funerals.

You can go up to 10,000 to 30,000 km with your bike every year but the carnival bikers only show up for shows and rallies and maybe go up to 10,000 km before they begin to think of buying a new one.

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