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10 Things You Should Know About The 2018 Triumph Speedmaster

1. The 2018 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster leads a more retro styling treatment in its new incarnation, along with a more relaxed attitude. It is a completely different motorcycle from the old Speedmaster.

2. It is based on the Bonneville Bobber and Bobber Black platforms. The motorcycle works as good as it looks. Running full steam ahead with that momentum, Triumph has used the Bobber and Bobber Black as the basis for the Speedmaster. The revamped Speedmaster shares its hard tail-influenced chassis, the 1200HT power-plant, and Bobber Black braking components. The Speedmaster accommodates a passenger, as well as offering luggage options. Along with the ergonomic changes, the Speedmaster boasts its own Bonneville vibe.

3. It offers forward controls and beach-cruiser bars for an upright and neutral riding position. Wide, back swept handlebars remind you that this new Speedmaster is going to do things on its own terms, while still allowing great control over your steed. In conjunction with the forward controls, it’s a downright relaxed riding position and, yet, you’re still able to keep weight driven through the footpegs. Couple those features with the 28-inch seat height and you have a motorcycle that works well for riders of a wide range of sizes.

4. The 1200cc High Torque vertical twin engine is protean and well suited for just about anything. Spluttering out a 77 horses at 6100 rpm and 78 ft/lbs of torque at 4000 rpm, the Speedmaster’s heart is pleasant and tractable in the streets.

5. There's also a modern electronic throttle that facilitates two riding modes—Road and Rain.The system is almost unimpaired. Both riding modes offer full power of 1200cc, but adjust the way the power is delivered; Rain mode is far more subdued.

6. The Speedmaster’s mufflers are slash-cut, look real good and gives out a sublime tune. Many will be pleased to hear the Speedmaster’s throaty growl while the Speedmaster’s exhaust does what it does while keeping things at a decent volume, just so your neighbors don’t become too envious or cranky!

7. The new Triumph uses cartridge style damping that soaks up just about any depravity in the road. Also, the forks have a new dual-rate spring, with a top-out spring to not only ensure a superb ride, but also to deal with the extra weight. The Speedmaster’s suspension in the rear is balanced really well. It handles with sporty riding, heavy braking situations, and the random suburban trail.

8. It has huge Avon Cobra tires keeping it planted to the tarmac. Even though it’s a fat-tire bike, like the Bobber Black, the Speedmaster’s handling capabilities aren’t hindered at all.

9. The ABS on this is standard and cannot be disabled which means they're taking away your rights to say you have to lay 'er down, oh no! I understand, but there really is no reason to disable ABS on an amazing bike like this.

10. When it comes to fit and finish, it’s hard to argue that Triumph isn’t leading the charge. The color version options are Fusion White and Phantom Black. The two-tone color option is, hands down, one of the best factory finishes on the market in this price range and if you're curious enough to scrutinize, you’ll find the detailer’s signature on the bottom of each piece.

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