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10 Must Have Tools for Motorcycle Owners

As a motorcycle owner, surely you already know of the importance of maintaining your bike regularly. If your motorcycle is still within its warranty period, you probably have to send it for servicing or repair at your brand’s service center to prevent warranty void, but if your bike is seasoned and no longer within warranty, you usually take it to your favorite local mechanic. However, you might want to consider experiencing maintaining and minor repairing. Every bike owner secretly wants to be a mechanic and you definitely can; all you need is the right tools and the knowledge on how to use them.

Here is a list of must have tools for every bike owner:

  1. Wrench Set

One of the most used tools are wrenches or spanars. Depending on your budget and working space, you can opt for a whole variety of wrenches including the heavy duty ones to hand in your garage, or you can go with a box of portable lightweight wrenches for lighter work. Most parts of your bike will require a wrench to loosen or tighten. So a wrench set is definitely a must have. Learn up the wrenches that you need for your own bike so you can choose a suitable set.

  1. Ratchet Wrench

Ratchets are basically wrenches with the added convenience of not lifting and resecuring every time you turn one cycle. Ratchets are usually more expensive than wrenches, and they come with sockets of different sizes. Hence why people If you are able to find a good ratchet set that has enough sockets for all parts of your bike, you may opt out of getting a wrench set. 

  1. Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is often overlooked as an important tool used in bike maintenance and repair. Every nut on your bike is designed to be tightened with a certain torque. Riders sometimes make the mistake of under-tightening or over-tightening. A torque wrench will let you set the desired torque and tighten your nuts accordingly. Not tightening with the correct torque may result in cycle failure of the nut. 

  1. Screwdrivers

The most basic hand tool ever, a screwdriver. For a motorcycle, you will most probably need three head types; philips, flat, hex. You can either look for a set that has all three varieties, or choose to go with the interchangeable head type. Note that if you choose the latter, it may sometimes be bigger or less sturdy so make sure you choose a set that is suitable for your use. 

  1. Pliers

Another really basic tool are the pliers. There are so many types of pliers available on the market so get only the ones relevant to your motorcycle. You will definitely need a pair of Lineman’s pliers and a pair of needle-nose or long-nose pliers. Aside from these two, if you plan to do any electrical work, you will have to explore pliers that can be used for wiring.

  1. Hammers

You don’t need a huge hammer in your toolbox. Just a handy lightweight one to do a bit of knocking from time to time. Like any machine, your motorcycle will too have some parts that get a little tight due to usage and need a bit of knocking. Also a very useful tool to assist you when using a wrench for extremely tight nuts. 

  1. Impact Driver

An impact driver, or sometimes known as “airgun” is another great convenience tool. When things get too tough and you’re not strong enough to wrench your way through, or you’re afraid that too much twisting might damage the thread or head of a particular part, use an impact driver; it shocks to loosen the desired part, making it easy to then remove. 

  1. Motorcycle Stand

If you are going to work on your bike, you should have a motorcycle stand. The stand will allow you to lock the bike steadily in place, and access both sides of the bike. There are a number of stands to choose from, so depending on your ride you can select the best one. The most common type of stand used is the basic rear stand. 

  1. Pressure Gauge

We cannot stress enough the importance of running on proper tire pressure. With the help of a pressure gauge, this will no longer be a problem. Today, there are so many types to choose from and all you have to do is pick one. It may be a bit pricier than your average tool, but it’s definitely a good investment. 

  1. Gloves

Not forgetting a good pair of gloves. There’s nothing much to say about gloves except that it’s great for protecting our very vulnerable human skin. Get gloves that are suitable for mechanic work. 

The only additional advice we would like to offer is that you shouldn’t attempt dismantling or anything on your motorcycle unless you absolutely know what you are doing. Having a service or repair manual is a good start, and you can check with experienced friends or a local mechanic once you have familiarized.

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