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5 Mistakes We Bikers Make

We have compiled 5 mistakes bikers make, but it’s okay, we have provided some solutions to help prevent you from making that mistake again

Not Learning to Ride Better

The learner courses for bikers, taught by driving schools in Malaysia are not only outdated, but also has nothing to do with learning real world riding and riding skills

This results in new riders, getting on their two-wheeler, untrained, without the necessary skills to control their bikes.

However, every rider, including the ones riding for years, should upgrade their riding skills. Just because you’re not a newbie, doesn’t mean that you’re riding correctly.

Yes, we are aware of the pricey advanced classes, but there’s so much you can learn from them, so much satisfaction.

You could also pick up a book. Some notable ones are by Keith Code, Nick Lenatsh and Lee Parks.

It’s okay if you feel slightly discouraged still, but you must know even top-level pros like Rossi, Vinalez, Marquez et al never stopped learning! Even though it’s kind of their job, but good street riders never stop learning.

Not listening

We do it sometimes, there are people like this everywhere, but you definitely have to start listening to your biker friends’ advice.

Yes, not all of the advices you hear are correct, but it is up to you to do the necessary. Part of the fun in motorcycling is learning more and expanding your knowledge.

The worse kinds are those just only refuse to listen, it will not only endanger the rider, but also their fellow bikers. We usually stay away from people like this, please don’t be that one!


This is connected to the previous two mistakes we’ve mentioned, but to a large extent

Most egoistical bikers love to brag about how long they have been riding, saying “I’ve been riding bikes before your parents were even born, child!”

“Who needs classes? Even the 200 bhp sportbikes can’t catch me on my ER-6”

“Why do I have to ride slow with the convoy?”

Blah blah blah

This is the worst trait for a rider to have, which inevitably leads to trouble

Why do we think like Gods on public roads if the world’s best racers are genuine and humble?


Refusing to Gear Up

If you get hurt even when riding a bicycle, its going to be even worse when you have a bike accident. Our skin and bones are nothing against the tarmac. That’s why you should think twice when you’re about to ride, without wearing protective gear.

There is no plausible excuse for not gearing up.

Taking Chances on the Road

Trusting other road users to be perfect drivers is a dangerous call

The main key to survive on the road is to think that they’re out to get you. But of course, that’s not on their mind but it’s the only way to stay vigilant.

Trying to squeeze between two cars, or trucks, thinking that they are aware of your presence, is too much of a risk. It is not uncommon for drivers to be distracted while driving, they may be in their own personal bubble to pay attention to the outside world.

It’s true that motorcycling is 600 times more dangerous than driving a car but it’s up to you on how you can curb the risks and ride safe.

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